You’re Only Kids Once

At YOKO, we look on the brighter side of family life and bring an unexpected pop of joy to your day and feed through interviews, products, reviews, hacks and giveaways. Why? We believe that family life is busy, routine, and serious enough. We also know that people who are parents want to be inspired and part of something bigger. We created YOKO for them.

Georgina, Tricia & Lizzie.

YOKO is for the futuremakers

We believe in a world that sees the person first and the parent second. One that celebrates and welcomes all family setups, dreams and ambitions. A world that encourages and supports people to raise the bar while they raise their families. We like to call them futuremakers. You’re Only Kids Once, and life is short, so make every moment count. It takes a village; we are yours.


In the midst of the first lockdown and after what seems like a zillion Zoom calls and laughs along the way, we launched YOKO. While the three of us started the ball rolling from Leamington Spa in the UK, YOKO is the creation of all the people, families and brands we know and have met along the way (and all around the world).